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RE: VMs: Link between Phaistos Disk & VMs...!?

> Could it have happened by accident (unintentionally)? 

I think it is highly unlikely that the VMS is 
unintentionally non-reversible.  Whatever the VMS *is*,
it is not stupid.  Whether it has recoverable meaning
or not I think we can safely say that the creator(s)
were very clever and devious people, and so I think
it is inconceivable that they would not check their
work and make such a fundamental mistake as this.

Having said that, there is the possibility that their 
encryption utilized a small reduction of detail which 
they (or their intended readers) would have no problem
in overcoming but which we may have a much harder 
job of doing.

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nt vry fmlr wth nglsh t wld b vry dffclt!

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