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VMs: Ptolemy

This link from Rene's site describes the Vaticanus gr. 1291.

>From the list of John Dee's library I have so far found two
references mentioning Ptolemy. The first of these reads:

"Alpetraugii de verificationes motuum coelestium liber.-
Thebith de his quae indigent expositione, antequam legatur
Almagestum Ptolomaei.-Liber florum Albumasar.-Liber
experimentorum Albumasar.-Liber practicorum geometriae.-
Jacobi Alkindi liber de aspectibus.-Petri de Dacia commentum
super tractatum algorismi.-Joh. de Sacrobosco super tractatum
de sphaera.-Ejusdem computus ecclesiasticus.-Wilhelmus de
Aragonia in Ptolomaei centiloquium.-Ars algorismi de fractionibus.-
Scripta utilia super computum manualem.-Joh: de Sicilia in canones
Arzachelis de tabulis Toletanis.-Quaestiones mathematicales."

Two things are interesting. Firstly the mixing of references of floral
works with mathematics and astronomy. Secondly the reference to
Petri de Dacia, considering the recent thread on the list. Does this
reference to Dacia mean the same thing as the Dacian races
mentioned by Wayne Durden?

The seconf reference to Ptolemy I do not find relevant so I will not
post it here.


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