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Re: VMs: Ptolemy

Petrus de Dacia was a Sweden monk. 
I remember one time I stumbled over an ancient map where somewhere in
the northern part of the Germany or Denmark there was a region marked
as been "Dacia".
That was intriguing. From what I remember it was an english site who
was selling those ancient maps.
You may also check the Boethius of Dacia (born in Denmark)
Per wiki 

      "Boethius was a member of the Modist grammarians. In de Modis,
Beothius posits that it is possible to extract rules of a universal
grammar from all living languages."
Also a member of the Modist was Martin de Dacia.


On 8/6/05, J HALEY <j.haley@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> This link from Rene's site describes the Vaticanus gr. 1291.
> http://www.voynich.nu/extra/vatg1291.html
> From the list of John Dee's library I have so far found two
> references mentioning Ptolemy. The first of these reads:
> "Alpetraugii de verificationes motuum coelestium liber.-
> Thebith de his quae indigent expositione, antequam legatur
> Almagestum Ptolomaei.-Liber florum Albumasar.-Liber
> experimentorum Albumasar.-Liber practicorum geometriae.-
> Jacobi Alkindi liber de aspectibus.-Petri de Dacia commentum
> super tractatum algorismi.-Joh. de Sacrobosco super tractatum
> de sphaera.-Ejusdem computus ecclesiasticus.-Wilhelmus de
> Aragonia in Ptolomaei centiloquium.-Ars algorismi de fractionibus.-
> Scripta utilia super computum manualem.-Joh: de Sicilia in canones
> Arzachelis de tabulis Toletanis.-Quaestiones mathematicales."
> Two things are interesting. Firstly the mixing of references of floral
> works with mathematics and astronomy. Secondly the reference to
> Petri de Dacia, considering the recent thread on the list. Does this
> reference to Dacia mean the same thing as the Dacian races
> mentioned by Wayne Durden?
> The seconf reference to Ptolemy I do not find relevant so I will not
> post it here.
> Jeff
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