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Re: VMs: VMs knowledge management

Nick Pelling wrote:

FWIW, I'd say that ontology usually recapitulates philology [*] - that is, the objects we conceive are typically built on the language we perceive. And we still have next to no idea about the VMs' language, which makes ontology extremely difficult... oh well. :-(

As i said before, the ontologies should not describe the VMs content itself - which we don't know - but all the things related to it:
- the list of historic characters met during our studies and their relationships
- the list if of books which can be useful to understand VM, and their relationships
- the list of researchers who are studying the VM, theri contacts and their specific skills

these "lists" could be described by ontologies, and they are, IMHO, the knowledge which should be managed (so that present and future reaserachers can know where is/who knows something).
Off course, as you correctly told, there could be no ontology which could describe the VM itself.

Let's say I'd like to query a "system" to know all the 1400-1600 historical characters who have been investigated during the VM studies, how can i do it now?
Or let's say I've a specific question to post to any VMs researcher who's skilled on botany and ancient greek, how can I find/contact these persons?
Finally, let's say I want a list of the books which have been written by by some of the historical characters previously investigated, and where their contents are about alchemy, is this an easy task?

These are just examples of what kind of KM i was thinking about.
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