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Re: VMs: VMs knowledge management

Nick Pelling wrote:

To be honest, I did give it my best try with the Voynich wikibook (such as it is): but there's a good chance that what most people *actually* want is a Voynich "why-is-my-superficial-theory-conceived-after-only-ten-minutes-looking-at-one-blurry-JPEG-actually-wrong" FAQ, something like:-

(1) I think the VMs is written in Notarikon Hebrew - why am I wrong?
(2) I think the VMs is written in Old Finnish, just like the Phaistos Disk - why am I wrong?
(3) etc, etc

At the very least, this would certainly save a lot of list traffic. :-)

I think the FAQs would be a great step ahead! ______________________________________________________________________ To unsubscribe, send mail to majordomo@xxxxxxxxxxx with a body saying: unsubscribe vms-list