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Re: VMs: Re: swallow-tail merlons revisited

Hi Dana,

Dana Scott wrote:
Hello Rafal,
Yes, there are numerous castles with swallow-tails merlons. In addition, a number of castles have deteriorated or been rebuilt over the years.

Exactly - so it cannot be used as an argument for narrowing the area where the VMS was produced because, as we see, such merlons can be found all the way from Spain to Moscow, including the Bohemian dependant Silesia.

Is there any reason why the VMS couldn't have been made
in Bohemia itself? After all, Panofsky suggested
Central Europe as its provenience - after looking
at it from less than 10 meters' distance :-)

I think it is the same Dee-symptom of looking under the lantern
because elsewhere it is too dark to see anything.

This is not to say that I would bet 600 ducats
against the VMS having been produced in Northern Italy,
acquired by Dee and sold to Rudolf II - but the arguments
so far are lacking and any hypothesis should be founded
on some acceptable reasoning. Otherwise it is just
wild guessing not a hypothesis. This is, again, not
to say that such wild guesses should not be posted
- they certainly should, as the list postings are more
of the nature of brainstorming than journal articles.

Best regards,


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