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Re: VMs: Re: swallow-tail merlons revisited

Rafal T. Prinke wrote:

Is there any reason why the VMS couldn't have been made
in Bohemia itself? After all, Panofsky suggested
Central Europe as its provenience - after looking
at it from less than 10 meters' distance :-)

I don't see why not! AIRC, Panofsky's reasons were paleographic, but I don't recall what they were. Rene has that on his site.

I think Toresella thought that the VMs was written in northern Italy, and that is one reason for the idea's persistence here. I'm not sure why he thought so. He wrote about alchemical herbals, most of which came from northern Italy, but he also noted that the VMs is sui generis. He also said that one sees the influence of the "humanist hand" in the Voynich script, though I don't know whether that should limit it to northern Italy. So I still don't know why he thought so. Maybe we should ask his current opinion, if someone can contact him.

I once thought that the VMs might have come from eastern Europe, simply because it is less known than western Europe. Someone noted that eastern Europe was and is less wealthy and less likely to produce esoterica. That is true in general, but there were exceptions, one of which is Rudolf's Prague.

Perhaps we think northern Italy because the style seems early Renaissance, and northern Italy was where the Renaissance was happening. True again, but it was happening elsewhere too, though perhaps later. Then there's Vat. gr. 1291, found at the time in Brescia.

Wherever that leaves you...

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