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Re: VMs: Hello again, again

Hi GC and welcome back - hunting season for Voynich decryption/authorship leads is definitely still open and we look forward to further interesting contributions from you.

Not much anew here - certainly no major breakthroughs. Activity on the list has mostly focused on proving (or disproving) Rugg's conundrum; Wayne Durden proposes Dacian as source; some comments on the castle shapes (swallow-tail merlons); a few emails speculating on Baresch and his probable identity & family origins; some reviews on a proposed solution/paid course. Other than that, nothing too significant to report... on the crypto there were a few interesting exchanges regarding nulls and general structure. There are some promising newbies out there. Again, good to see you back and hope you can bring us some very much needed fresh air of innovation or decent controversy - that's where good ideas dwell.