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Re: VMs: Re: swallow-tail merlons revisited

 From: Dennis <tsalagi@xxxxxxxx>

<Snip many cool castles :-)>

Thanks Dennis for ref: http://www.castles-of-britain.com/castle19.htm 

interestingly the FLOOR plan of this castle "the Emperors Castle of 
Prato" and/or Beaumaris Castle (cc 1295?) has similar shaping to the 
~UNfolded master key~ i.e. my 


i'd almost give my bummer left leg here to know what lies in the 
direct _center_ of this castle, or under it's floor per se. 

i read it was also a prison for a while - must have been strongly 
built _inside_ and out as it were?.. :-O 

this is _not_ a Concentric Castle and what it would have to do with 
the vms is beyound me, but the age is within my reach, and the 'shape' 
is definently with my reach, and the fact our vms castle has swallow 
tail merlons (ghibelline)is 'odd-indeed'. but, where is the mastio or 
tallest tower? lost in the center?

do we know the 'architect'? / or the Emperor's "hobbies" ?

best to you and yours
steve (stuck in colorado) ekwall

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