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Re: VMs: Re: swallow-tail merlons revisited

Hi everyone,

At 22:25 09/08/2005 -0500, Dennis wrote:
I think Toresella thought that the VMs was written in northern Italy, and that is one reason for the idea's persistence here. I'm not sure why he thought so. He wrote about alchemical herbals, most of which came from northern Italy, but he also noted that the VMs is sui generis. He also said that one sees the influence of the "humanist hand" in the Voynich script, though I don't know whether that should limit it to northern Italy. So I still don't know why he thought so. Maybe we should ask his current opinion, if someone can contact him.

FWIW, Sergio's opinion was based on having travelled all over the world to closely examine many hundreds of medieval & early modern herbals, not just "alchemical herbals". Naturally, he had a good look at the VMs along the way. :-)

Cheers, .....Nick Pelling.....

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