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VMs: Re: swallow-tail merlons revisited

to meet these merlons, I would like to begin with another point

Probably most people here agree, these plants look like one man is telling, what
to draw and another man is drawing, okeey?

So, is the "division of 9" made up in the same way? If so, at least the
illuminator of this book is probably of European origin. You see, his
understanding of a castle is typically European.

some speculations, too:

could this book be created in 3 etappes
1) drawing a pic on a page
2) writing the text on this page (is it the same man?)
3) adding, in a very robust manner, some color (?reason: a manuscript in color
is more expensive?)

to get some point in the pics, we have to look at these "in perspective", we
have to keep in sight this process.
Par example, when guessing about the plants, it isn't a very good idea to dig
through big, modern foliants. You just have to guess, what the first man is
telling to another (the illuminator). Maybe some people here remember, I told
once - I have some opinions about some of these Doctorman's plants (and this is
how I created these ideas - which could be wrong of course). But these opinions
walk around in the hills of Central Asia ... the Southern Himalaya and probably
the mountains of Indochine could "do", too, but this could be the southern limit
already... (telling this just to meet the observation of similarity with the
Chakma language).

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