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Re: VMs: Link between Phaistos Disk & VMs...!?

Mr. Grove, let recall how it happen.

I tried to show that the VMs cipher are very old and posted scanned Picture
of Phoenician coin with the same cipher as is used in VMs in first page as

But to my surprise the cipher number was phonetically pronounced in language
that I do not know. Not knowing the language I could not make any judgment
and decided not to post.

But this did not end. You posted freshly baked code for me as a test. I
decided not to fall into the trap and decided not to take your test.

Now all your proof and others were posted to the VMs list from time to time
pointing my failure to solve your code.

After that I received few e-mail to my personal box where you stated what
the VMs is all about.

That subject continues to the present time.

My be I am  misunderstanding you. And probably so.

I fail to understand what is your test tried to accomplish?

To me it was intimidations.

I stated before and will state again.

Not the intuitive understanding what is written in VMs, but actual reading
the text in language it is written, will be the true solution.

John Stojko

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> Just to clarify a few false statements made by Mr. Stojko,
> I never have stated I know the language and exact meaning written on each
> page - Nobody does, however some like Mr. Stojko imply that they do.
> How he could even suggest that it was I who said I had a solution is
> me.  I am all for someone proving something concrete - yet what I have
> stated about his 'solution' is simply that he's done a lot of work, but
> unfortunately proved nothing. All the reasons why his solution doesn't
> have been clearly stated many, many times and not a single one of them
> said that it's because I know the real answer.
> John Grove does not have a solution to be 'violated', Sorry again Mr.
> Stojko - you seem to keep misunderstanding my words no matter how clearly
> write them.
> John.

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