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Re: VMs: symbol ordering

On Fri, 12 Aug 2005, Marke Fincher wrote:
> This is a variation on Stolfi's QOKOKOK paradigms,
> but I've found that ~7000 valid VMS words fall into
> the structure below, picking a single element from
> each row.  50% of the time you only need 2 groups.

Marke, could you be a bit more specific about the rules used?  Are you
saying, Q1 A1 I1 ... with zero or one items picked from each of groups Q1,
A1, I1, ... Y1?

> Q1:,o,y,q,oq,yq
> ------------------
> A1:,a,o
> I1:,i,ii,iii,i!
> N1:,l,m,n,r
> d1:,d,g,x,v
> C1:,c,s
> K1:,k,t,f,p
> H1:,s,h,ch,sh,hh
> E1:,e,ee,eee
> O1:,o,oo
> Y1:,d,y,dy

Also, why the duplicate *2 and *3 lists, sans Q*?  Does that mean up to
three repetitions of sequences defined in the A* ... Y* list?

I've always assumed that Stolfi's analysis was excellent evidence that
some "words" are several words munged together, either via compounding or
via misreadings.

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