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RE: VMs: symbol ordering

> Marke, could you be a bit more specific about 
> the rules used?   

Each list (row) contains an empty element, and the
rules are that you must pick one element from each
row.   You could equally well omit the empty element
from the list and say that you have to pick just one
or none from each row.

> Also, why the duplicate *2 and *3 lists, sans Q*?  

Interestingly, I didn't start with a set of rows
that formed repeating groups, my intention was just
to find a structure into which the largest number of 
VMS words fell, but as I tweaked and tuned it the
repeating nature seemed to suggest itself quite

I'm not sure why the Q group is not part of the 
repeating pattern, and only exists once at the start.

At the moment my favourite theory is that the VMS 
"words" are all numbers and that the symbol ordering 
within words arises from a hierarchy of increasing 
constants used to construct the numbers.  The 
repeating structure therefore may represent the same
specifying mechanism re-employed for higher 

13% of the time you only need one group, but those
words tend to be very common, so I'm assuming these
are the smallest numbers.

Conversely, you only need 3 groups about 10% of the
time, but these words are all quite rare.  Also, 
as you point out, the need for a 3rd group may
only come about because of erroneous compounding
or misreadings.


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