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Re: VMs: The Missing Sids

GC wrote:

Did someone post the Beinecke numbers for the missing sids? I went through them awhile ago (few days), found some that WERE there that are no longer there,
> and others that were not there that are now there.
> Off the top of my head, those were full-scans of
> foldouts labeled 68v, 69r, where I have two separate sids
that make up 68v,
> I think the same for 69r,

10006196 and 10006197 were shifted around, so that you have all of f68r on 10006196 and all of f68v on 10006197.

and then there was the missing 87v, although the sid file for 87v doesn't seem to be as good as the
> hi-res image posted in the ether
by someone (fill in the name?) earlier.

I gave it to you, and you put it on voynichinfo. I hope you still have it somewhere, because my hard disk crashed and I lost it!

Meanwhile, I'm interested in updating myself on the
> Voynichese imbedded in the drawings.
Does someone have a site maintained with images
> of all of these, or at least links to where I can find them?

After my disk crash, I downloaded the sids again on November 30, 2004. I noticed that there were some images there that hadn't been there before, because when I ran the name conversion script that I have on my high-quality images site, I had some numbered images left over. I am attaching a list of those numbered images, along with the numbers of the new ones on the site.

11/30/2004  05:07 PM         3,654,159 1003222.sid  	f48v_f49r
11/30/2004  05:08 PM         3,301,713 1003223.sid		f57v_f58r
11/30/2004  05:08 PM         2,756,347 1003224.sid		f67r
11/30/2004  05:09 PM         4,664,118 1003225.sid		f68v
11/30/2004  05:09 PM         3,022,613 1003226.sid		f70v
11/30/2004  05:10 PM         3,124,720 1003227.sid		f76v_f77r
11/30/2004  05:11 PM         1,539,023 1003228.sid		f84r
11/30/2004  05:11 PM         1,619,464 1003229.sid		f99r
11/30/2004  05:12 PM         1,602,179 1003230.sid		f100r
11/30/2004  05:12 PM         3,261,206 1003231.sid		f105v_f106r
11/30/2004  05:15 PM         2,840,158 1013391.sid		front_cover
11/30/2004  04:58 PM         3,744,294 1037113.sid		paper_back_cover
									   1006196.sid		f68r
									   1006197.sid		f68v
									   1043429.sid		f87v