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Re: VMs: The Missing Sids

Hi Dennis,

You wrote:

2004. I noticed that there were some images there that hadn't been there before, because when I ran the name conversion script that I have on my high-quality images site, I had some numbered images left over. I am attaching a list of those numbered images, along with the numbers of the new ones on the site.

As I had only the original set I downloaded on 2 June 2004, I thought I would update to have all the sids released by Beinecke. From the list you posted:


downloaded without problems, but:

3,301,713 1003223.sid		f57v_f58r
2,756,347 1003224.sid		f67r
4,664,118 1003225.sid		f68v
3,022,613 1003226.sid		f70v
3,124,720 1003227.sid		f76v_f77r
1,539,023 1003228.sid		f84r
1,619,464 1003229.sid		f99r
1,602,179 1003230.sid		f100r
3,261,206 1003231.sid		f105v_f106r
2,840,158 1013391.sid		front_cover
3,744,294 1037113.sid		paper_back_cover

did not. Are they the ones you said were no longer there?
It seems they had not been there originally, as I do not
have them either (except for the last one).

Does anyone have a direct URL to those? The ones I have
are all numbered in the range 10060xx.sid - 10062xx.sid,
plus 1013391.sid, 1037112.sid and 1037112.sid. Are there
any other sids I should know about? :-)

Best regards,


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