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Re: VMs: Updates and summaries

I noticed too that peculiar 8. Sometimes the left lower side is a
straight line. There could be a couple of explanations for this:

1. Being designed as a "stroke-based" writing system everything starts
with either
a "\" or a "C" (ignoring the gallois), or at least this was intended
at the beginning. In this case  this peculiar 8 could be  a "corrected
mistake".   The writer had the intention to write
a "l", "r" or any "\" glyph.

2. Based on the on symmetry exhibited by most of the characters/glyphs this
would be the equivalent of the rounded/normal 8, wrote first with a
"C", f7v has some
examples of this.  In another words a standalone glyph.
Same thing with the "b" and "n" character. Probably the glyph "b" and
this "8" are very rare
that's why there are such a few instances of them or they caused
confusion and they were
3. Something else.


PS. I think that the infinity symbol is actually an "eo".

> The shapes of the "8"'s are rather standard, but once in awhile you find one with a slight tail, one with an elongated tail, and one with a tail in the form of a "9".  More importantly, there is an 8 at 84r.11.4 that is actually laying on its side, like an infinity symbol. "4"'s are written very common, but check out these examples - 84r.5.8 and underneath it, 84r.7.6.
> GC
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