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Re: VMs: Updates and summaries

I also have  some reasons to believe in some Germanic influence. Now
that I am here,
here is an excerpt from Grimm's Mythology regarding the white goat and
the "pox leber"
phrase from the last page:

"The representation of the Devil in the shape of a he-goat goes back
to a remote antiquity; what can have given it such a vigorous growth
among heretics and witches? The witches all imagine their master as a
black he-goat, to whom at festal gatherings they pay divine honours;
conversely, the white goat atoned for and defeated diabolic influence
(Haupt's Zeitschr. 3, 35). In oaths and curses of the 15-16th cent.
the he-goat apes the true God: 'dass in der pock schend!' is a
frequent formula in Hans Sachs; they swore ''bei bocks hulde,' grace.
(23) Or can bocks here be a mere variation of 'botz, potz, kotz' for
Gotts (p. 15)? It does seem singular that the 13th  cent. poets never
use bocks in such a sense; only Martina 156b. 184b has helleboc
clearly for the Devil."

--excerpt from http://www.northvegr.org/lore/grimmst/03302.php
Check also my mail regarding "pox leber" posted previously.


On 8/21/05, GC <gc-@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> > You know, I honestly do think your "Feare God" symbol has a lot to tell us
> > about the VMs. But I remain far from sure that it paints quite the
> > (Cambridge/Askham/Strong?) story you suspect... right now it's just one
> > piece of evidence amongst many.
> The other language I'd like to examine for shorthand systems is German, for personal reasons.  It's quite likely that the author traveled at one point in his life.
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