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Re: VMs: Updates and summaries

Hi Dennis,

At 22:29 25/08/2005 -0500, Dennis wrote:
Nick Pelling wrote:
According to Sergio Toresella, at least one of the holes appears to have been deliberately added, which is fairly strange. Like f112's apparent copy of a page-tear, perhaps this added hole is a copy of a hole in the original vellum? Something to think about, anyway! :-o

Where did you get this info on T.'s opinion? I'm asking because the only writing of his on the VMs of which I'm aware is his article on alchemical herbals.

My wife & I visited Sergio and his family in Milan, who were all tremendously hospitable: he was kind enough to go through my battered old CopyFlo and remark upon things he remembered from his visit to the Beinecke.

Cheers, .....Nick Pelling.....

PS: sorry for the slightly belated reply! :-o

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