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Re: VMs: Re: Reasearching the VMs at Beinecke

 Dana Scott reported:
 > I am currently researching the VMs and accompanying documents at the 
 > Beinecke Library.  It is a wonderful experience to be able to examine the 
 > original incunabula.  If anyone has a burning need for me to examine a 
 > particular item, please do not hesitate to ask.  I will be here next week 
 > as well.
Dana :-) 

I suppose if an 'oddball question' needs to be asked, it should be 
asked by the list resident 'oddball' here, me :-) 

IF you are 'physically' 'holding/looking/study'ing the original does 
it have the same ~mystical drawing one inward~ properties as the copy 
we see on-line? (more, less, equal?) 

Now that you are there, do you think IT could be ~OLDER?~ than we have 
been debating?

all the above is of course _non-scientific_ and of little value, but 
just asking your personal observations.

Best of luck with all you *SEE* and *FEEL* there.

steve (ahh, to touch it just once? :-)) ekwall

p.s. is the map-page (rossette pg.)really that "detailed" ?

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