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VMs: Beinecke Comment/Request Form

The following is my quick rendition of the form Beinecke provides for "Patron Comments". I have added the e-Mail address so that you may submit your request online. (Yale University Library including address and "PATRON COMMENTS"/Manuscripts should be centered on the page.) My only suggestion is that we not inundate them with too many requests (i.e., no need for duplications). Thanks, Dana

Yale University Library
Beinecke Rare Book & Manuscript Library
Public Service Department
P.O. Box 308240
New Haven, Connecticut 06520-8240


Collection Name: __________________________________________________________________

Collection Number: _______________ Box Number: _____________ Folder Number: __________

Describe the problem:

Proposed solution:

Other comments?

Name (Optional): __________________________________________________________________

Do you want a response from the Library? ____________ Email address: _____________________


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