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VMs: M. Georg Barschius


I may have identified M. Georg Barscius. The name was assumed
from the person who sold him the VMS. This was mainly because
our Barscius was a priest and was maybe wary about associating
himself with the possible content. He received the title of Magister
and was an avid book collector. At one time donating several
thousand books to a university. There are parallels in his actions
to those of Marcus Marci.

It appears he acquired the VMS between 1633 and 1637.

I will not say more until I have filled in the blanks. I need to find out
one last thing before I can definitely.

BTW I do not believe the VMS was ever owned by Rudolph. In my
opinion it was signed by Tepenec to assure the ownership to the
person who left Prague with it in his possession. I also know the
identity of this individual.


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