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VMs: Occitan sources...?

Hi everyone,

At 12:20 04/07/2004 +0100, Gabriel Landini wrote:
On Sunday 04 July 2004 10:28, Nick Pelling wrote:
> FWIW... IMO, this is just a c with a cedilla (but one that loops back on
> itself) - my best guess is therefore that the zodiac labels are basically
> Occitan.

What about Portuguese?: Março

Similar, but... no cigar, I think. Our writer was no março man. :-) [*]

Jorge Stolfi posted a list of several Occitan month names back in 1997 (as I always say, there's plenty of good stuff in the list archives if you can find it). FWIW, I think the Toulon Occitan is the closest to what we see, though the Leo "augst" label may well indicate some kind of subtle Germanic influence too... regardless, it's a bit of a mishmash. :-o

Jorge, did you ask roughly what dates & sources your two correspondents' lists came from? Perhaps there was some kind of ship's log used as a primary source for the Toulon list? In an ideal world... it would be nice to see real scans of these month names where they were used - that might well help us understand what we're looking at better. :-)

Cheers, .....Nick Pelling.....

[*] Sorry, couldn't help it. :-)

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Date: Fri, 19 Sep 1997 09:20:34 -0300 (EST)
From: Jorge Stolfi <stolfi@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
To: voynich@xxxxxxxx
Subject: Month names in occitan

I have asked around for the month names in Occitan (a
group of languages from Southern France that includes
Provençal, Gascon, etc.)  I got the following responses
so far:

Gascon(*)      Std. Occit.(*) Toulon(**)
-------------- -------------- -------------
genièr         genièr         genier
heurèr         febrièr        febrier
març           març           març
abriu          abril          abriéu
mai            mai            mai
junh           junh           junh
julhet         julhet         julh[1]
agost          agost          august[2]
setémer        setembre       setembre
octòbre        octòbre        octóbre
navémer        novembre       novembre
decémer        decembre       decembre

(*)  By Mathias van den Bossche <mathias@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
(**) By Eric Aspert <aspert@xxxxxxxxxxxx>

[1] now julhet
[2] now avost

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