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Re: VMs: KELLYWatch

Hi Chris, Jean-Yves....

But one has to think of the motive.

Alchemy, apart from anything else, surely promised (in a general sense) transmutation of elements, and gold was an attractive outcome.

So - had Kelly provided an alchemical text in English he would have had to have been able to deliver more than just the text. However, by providing a cyphered text he could keep the promise of more lucrative deliverables (gold) alive whilst not actually being able to deliver. He should not have promised that he understood the text (he'd be back in the same place as if the text had been in English). In fact, the document offers verisimilitude but need have no content; that is good enough for hoaxing.

That is surely why K would have done it. And we know he could have done it (intellectually - cf the Enochian tables and the puzzle(s) he set Dee.....).

So - deciphering the text presents a problem if it is meaningless. :-)

But further. If it is (meaningless and) generated by rules of some sort.... then we cannot recover those rules unambiguously (it is known from linguistic theory that the output of a rule system is insufficient to specify the rule system).

So we may be really stuck.


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I know that the above is not quite satisfactory but here I (sincerely) am
at the moment.

I understand what you mean. I didn't mean to go so far afield (or beyond my
competence); my main point was just to agree that if Kelly wanted to write
a bogus
alchemical MS, he had enough knowledge to go the easier route and do so in
English. :-)

Chris Gross

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