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Re: VMs: Occitan months...?

jean-yves artero wrote:

However here is perhaps an interesting site:

Thanks for the link.

Montaillou is otherwise a great historical book for the background of Middle Ages in Southern France. Curiously enough and as you may already know, we are very near of Levitov's (IMHO at least partly wrong)story of Cathars.

I do know. See my critique of Levitov by comparing his ideas with valid historical information on the Cathars:


At that time yes you are right the "trobadores" were with some more religion-oriented monks the best bearers of the Oc/Provençal tradition ( we here are dealing with the XIIIth and XIVth centuries or so ). VMS interesting is perhaps the fact that they called their movement the"trobar cluz" or hidden knowledge. A long story in a nutshell, I am aware of this.

The trobadores, the bearers of "trobar cluz", the hidden knowledge? I hadn't heard of this. Would you give more details?

To you or Jacques, just what was the difference between Occitan and Provencal literature?


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