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Re: VMs: MS408 Character Development


> Latin letters (only 2): a + o

> pictograms:
> for example (today): c = root - they take it from the
> plant on f1v. If you look at the roots, you can see it.

I can see at least three other different characters in this
root. And other roots in the book do not show the c
character. Is this the only evidence linking c to root ?

> The c is the base for many other characters.

Including "latin letters" a and o. Why are not they
pictograms as well ?

> Everybody has two roots: your parents.
> Take 2 roots and mirror one: you
> get their symbol for the human being

Or, as we stand next to the level of the plant roots, the
symbol c could mean foot. Everybody has two feet, then cc
with ligature represents our two feet together as a human.
Seriously, like the "Tolkien Hypothesis" have shown, by
using the same method it is not difficult to come up with
alternative meanings. By the way, do you know already if
symbols change meaning across the book ?

> More to come.
> Tom

I appreciate your sharing of information with us. Looking
forward to more.

O grande portal dos mineiros
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