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VMs: Second Elbasan Script

Hi all,

I just noticed an undeciphered script that bears a cursory resemblance to
the Voynich script.  It is on the front page of the "Elbasan Gospel
Manuscript".  The rest of the manuscript is written in the Elbasan script,
which was invented for the Albanian language in the 18th century.  The lines
on the front page are not the Elbasan script, but another (the "second"
Elbasan script) which hasn't yet been definitively deciphered.  As far as I
can tell, this is the only example of the "second" Elbasan script.

You can see a facsimile of the front page and an attempt at retracing the
letters on pages 74 and 75 of this PDF document.  (The pdf is an interesting
read in itself...it's a paper on invented Albanian scripts):



Brian Tawney

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