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Re: Schmidl on Jacobus

    > [Jim Reeds:] I think this means he was born of obscure
    > (literally, mention), rather than in an obscure place. That is,
    > a nobody and/or a bastard.

That seems reasonable.

    > > prope horti nostri Transmuldani ostia
    > Something to do with the river Moldau: near our gardens on
    > the far shore of the Maldau, maybe?

Yes, that must be it. The Klementinum is right by the Moldau
and Charles's bridge, so it is quite possible that their 
gardens (at whose door Jacobus sold his medicines, "with the 
Rector's permission") were on the other shore.

    > > P. Georgius Ferus
    > Ferus means "wild" and is possibly a translation of George's
    > vernacular surname?

Could be. (Ferus = Bares was a *very* long shot...)

    > > [stolfi:] Note the variant spelling "Tepencze" (rather than "Tepenecz").
    > > That is how Schmidl has it.  Could it be a typo?
    > [Jim Reeds:] I think the author takes Tepen[e]cz as a 3d declension noun,
    > whose ablative form would be Tepen[e]cze; the preposition "de"
    > takes the ablative.  "Jacob H. from Tepenecz".  This explains
    > the final 'e'

Sounds plausible too.  

    > , but not the missing one after the 'n'.

Thanks, and all the best,