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Re: About Turkish (what is the importance to the VMS)

Does anyone out there have any suggested web resources or books
on the math beiung used here either in general or applied to VMS
partucularly.  I've looked at some of the mathematical papers
and can get the gist of most of it, but some of the specifics go
by me, and not understanding how to calculate these things
myself I am unable to hypothesize about what variables be
altered to make some of the oddities less anomolous, or what
variables could be changed in normal results and still arrive at
a normal value.  My math background is limited to Calculus
(though I was always quite good with math), but I haven't used
it in ten years.  Thanks,

>     So darn true.  Also, if I may say so myself...  I've never had courses in
> mathematical statistics or information theory; before this list, the entropy I
> knew best was that of classical thermodynamics.  I'm still learning on Bennett's
> chapter on language.  Compare me to Jim R. and Jim G.  As a mathemician it makes
> me an idiot, and as a crippie, about the lowest form of life on the planet.  And
> yet...   I'm the one who finally solved the VMs entropy quandry!  Before that,
> everyone was mostly asking, "How could a [low-entropy] Polynesian language have
> wound up in medieval Europe.  As so often, a matter of asking the right question.
> Dennis