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Re: Locations of Dee/Kelly/Jacob Tepenecz/etc. cites in Prague?

Karl Kluge wrote:

> Hajek's house has
> been mentioned -- where is that located? Also a "Faust" house. 
> What else?

And Stolfi:

> Hajek's house doesn't exist anymore; Michal Pober showed us the 
> place where it used to be, which his assistant had recently discovered
> through old city maps.

Hajek's house was on Betlem square, still famous as it has the
church where Jan Hus used to preach. On the western half of the
square is now a fish restaurant on a corner, which coincides
with half of the room where Dee and Kelly did their sceances.

The Faust house still exists but I don't know if you can
visit it. The 'confusion' I wrote about earlier was rather on
the subject of the supposed alchemical mural paintings which
M.Pober said are in the Faust house, but Fell-Smith gives for
the Hajek house. Maybe they had them both...
I don't know if the Faust house can be visited, whether it
still has the paintings or in fact whether it is worth
pursuing. Any decent travel guide of Prague should mention
it (and its location) - mine did. If you're interested I
can dig it up.

The most tangible memory of Dee, Kelly and a few others is
in the 'alchemists tower' in the Prague Castle. The nearby
gold alley was not the place where they lived or worked, by
the way.

Apart from Tepenecz' grave in the Salvator/ St. Saviour Church
in the Clementinum, you might try to see if Raphael's grave 
is still there (same church). Even Marci's grave could be
there (need to check).

As for Strahov, Michael John Gorman is going there soon, to
check the Kircher letters, and he also expressed an interest
in the Dobrzenski / Nigro Ponte MS. I'm not sure if we're
going to hear about anything he may find though...

Cheers, Rene