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Re: Sagittarius and crossbow

Jim Gillogly wrote:
> It seems to me one doesn't need to go to the Middle East to find
> Islam in that era -- wasn't Elizabeth Bathory's Transylvania
> under Ottoman control? 

	Based on the only source for E. Bathory I've read, namely 
Andrei Codrescu's historical novel *The Blood Countess"


Transylania was *not* under Ottoman control. She had her own 
fiefdom and the largest army in the area.  Bringing her
to justice was no easy matter.  

	Elizabeth Bathory, again according to my source? , had several 
alchemists at her castle and was interested in the sciences of the day.
The novel describes a lengthy visit and discussions with Johannes
indeed she had a childhood adventure with him, best left to her

	Of course, it is just a novel.  
Codrescu does give primary sources, including documents in the Hungarian 
National Archives (correct name?).   I need to look at it again.