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Re: Created languages

Brian Eric Farnell wrote:
> Twins have been known to create their own languages that only
> they understand.  This isn't common, but it's not isolated
> either.  I don't think this is a likely candidate, but research
> on it is done in an effort to learn things about language
> acquisition and development.  If I can get my hands on some
> papers and language samples, is anyone interested?  It might be
> interesting to see the statistical differences in a synthetic
> language and the native tongue of the creators.

	Here's an article that you and others might find 
interesting, "A Linguistic Big Bang" NY Times, Cot 24,
1999.  In Nicaragua, very young children of 5 and up
were sent to live at a school for the deaf to learn
Spanish Sign.  However, the teaching was very poor. 
Because of this, the children spontaneously developed
Nicaraguan Sign Language, not related to Spanish or any
other.  At the time of writing, the children had
developed about 1600 words, and the staff was
transcribing the language with  a Danish symbolic