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Re: Jacobus' signature

> Rene Zandbergen wrote:
> > > it can be nothing
> > > else than Baresch's will. A copy of it could be a real treasure
> > > of information!
> > The inheritance by Marci was also reported by Brumbaugh
> > in the same book (the reference is on my web site, but I cannot look
> > up the precise details such as page number or literal quote now, and
> > will be away for the rest of the week - maybe remind me next week
> > to look it up). There was a note sent from some Prague 'records
> > instance' to Voynich making this statement, which Brumbaugh saw.
> It would be helpful if Brumbaugh identifies the "records instance"
> - it should be in Prague municipal court records but these are
> certainly not easy to search. I do not know how the chancellary
> was organized there - if there were separate books for registering
> wills, it might be easier (but I doubt). 

I looked in my copy of Brumbaugh -- the reference is on page 135-6.  "The note
says that Marci probably inherited the manuscript from George Barschius, an
alchemist, since 'Marci inherited Barschius' alchemical library.'" There is
no endnote, and there is no precise citation of where in the boxes of
additional material at Yale this is to be found other than "(Copies of
translations of other letters from the Bohemian State Archives to Voynich,
similarly undated and unaddressed, were in the same box.)"

If we've covered this recently, forgive me -- on page 137 Brumbaugh
mentions item 40, pg 49 in the catalog of a 1975 exhibit of Hayek's 
works which is a Mss with a section on "Rosicrucian writing" (hmmm...
shades of my "theory" that the Manifestos were an attempt to draw 
out someone who knew how to decipher the Voynich Mss) -- was that lead
ever followed up? If this was covered in recent discussions about Hayek
I didn't save the message.