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Re: Capelli's dictionary

On Jul 11, 15:46, Gabriel Landini wrote:

> Can anybody give me the full reference of Capelli's dictionary of 
> Latin Abbreviations?
> What year and publisher? 

My wife's copy (purchased in about 1969) is (copying from the title

Manuale Hoepli
Lexicon Abbreviaturarum
Dizionario di abbreviature latine ed italiane
per cura di
Adiano Cappelli
Seste edizione (anastatica) corredata con 9 tavole fuori testo

Editore Ulrico Hoepli Milano
Ristampa 1967

> Is it still in print? or should I search for it in second hand shops?

As far as I know it is still in print.  But a second hand
shop is a good place to look, too!

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