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Re: Visit to Beinecke

mskala@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> > 	Should be good for those interested in the Holy Blood,
> > Holy Grail 
> > theory.  Personally I think that someone should use
> > ground-penetrating radar
> > to see if the secret chamber is really there...
> I've a book here on my desk titled _The Lost Treasure of the Knights
> Templar_ by Steven Sora, which expounds an elaborate theory involving just
> about every conspiracy you've ever heard of, including all the stuff in
> _Holy Blood, Holy Grail_, and eventually meandering to the conclusion that
> the geneaology of Jesus is buried in the "Money Pit" on Oak Island, Nova
> Scotia.  The VMS isn't mentioned, but I assume that that's a mere oversight.

Damn! I was wondering when someone was going to connect Oak Island with the
Voynich. :)


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