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Re: Article in Le Monde

>         So if we applied *all* of Sukhotin's algorithms, we'd
> be able to solve the VMs.  Seriously now.  I want to
> hear more about this!

Not now Dennis, I just got back from Bali at 7 am Melbourne
time, having left at 3am (midnight Bali time), and this is
the worst jet lag I have ever suffered. The buggers fed us
upon boarding and woke us up 3 hours later for breakfast
and landing. Arrgghh. I'm glad  Le Monde did not stuff up
to any extent worth bickering about. Their writer was an
hour and a half  on the phone -- I was very surprised that
they'd bother calling me in Indonesia. If it makes it to
Weekly Selection of Le Monde, perhaps we'll get some more