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Re: Article in Le Monde

	Well, when you get rested up, I'd like to hear about
this.  Rene remarked a while ago that if someone has an
idea, he/she has to do most of the work themselves. 
The 1st and 2nd Study Groups had Friedmann directing
things.  What if we farmed out Sukhotin's ideas to
specific individuals?  We might make better progress.

Jacques Guy wrote:
> >         So if we applied *all* of Sukhotin's algorithms, we'd
> > be able to solve the VMs.  Seriously now.  I want to
> > hear more about this!
> Not now Dennis, I just got back from Bali at 7 am Melbourne
> time, having left at 3am (midnight Bali time), and this is
> the worst jet lag I have ever suffered. The buggers fed us
> upon boarding and woke us up 3 hours later for breakfast
> and landing. 

	Even so, your getting them to accept the Elizabeth
Bathory theory was quite a coup.  But then again,
perhaps not.  I've always wondered whether the
Elizabeth Bathory theory owed an unacknowledged debt to
Levitov.  (Hmmm...  maybe we need a Gilles de Rais or
Vlad IV theory...)