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Re: D!

Don't ask why, but as I was doing some character replacements I found a rather peculiar thing happened to my words... I took F51R and replaced gallows characters with 'd + single quote' and crossed gallows with 'cdh' and then look at how close the words match those with a standard 'd'....

d'sholdchy qod'chy od'chear yd'chedy
dcheodaiin cdheody cdhody chody
ydchody cdhey od'y cdheodar qod'y
daiin cdhes od'ol cheody cdhy cheeey
d'cheody qodaiin od'eey qecdhey d'aiin
ychodaiin chod'aiin yd'chodaiin yd'ald
ych'osar eecdhy d'cho qod'chy qotal

Well that was fun wasn't it? Hmmm, what if Q's were changed to ch' too... then line three ends in ch'od'y. Nothing like reducing the overall character set to nothing, eh?


Hi John...

(I know it's the first time I talk in about the 3 months i'm into the list...)

Did somebody in the past considerred that the entire VMS be crypted with simple character set replacing??
At first, do we observe some kind of frequency in the texts? I think so..

I think the more easy way to encrypt content in the XVI century it's simply scramble texts replacing char chains by one or more key formation, ¿just like the fucking XORing? Well, let's think... imagine you are an alchemist, do not have digital techniques, and have to write long portions of text... but one moment, you need a method to code it so "nobody" could get it. You need something easy to remind (2 u), you cannot create an xoring algorithm, so... you can write a char and phrase replacement table, where you can know what, (and when -why not?) characters must change. When? well, suppose you are naughty () and like to confound the 'third party' seeks... you can change the replacement sequence. i.e.: Page 1: change W to CF, A to Y, IS to N... Page 2: change W to U, A to DY, IS to M... in a way where every/alotof chars/chars-groups change enough to kill a frequency analysis... and if you warp the characters and improve some more you'll get a beautiful manuscript unreadable for the common sense.... I suppose some of you has already think in this idea. It's not fool. Just think 'what do you have to do to encode text if you were in past and without the knowledge nor electronics"... I've got developed a encryption system that do this, growing the length of the lines.

Try changing Q to T and "aiin" to Y and read it in plain english and after in deutsche, whaddaya seem?
Also analyze the frequence of "eo", and "h_y" formations.
Another ideas?

What's the original language "we 'hope' the text be wrote in?"

Bye, DarkMaP

PS: excuse me if my english syntax is not OK, my natural language is spanish.

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