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Re: D! III

We "hope" it is in a language that can be recognized by someone when decoded. The black scenario would be when a brute force algorithm spits out a text which is then rejected as gibberish when it was really the solution.

The range of possible languages (assuming it is not an artificial language) covers all European and Near Eastern languages, I believe, plus perhaps Asiatic ones (the Chinese theory has been discussed at length).
The minimum range of highest probability should IMHO include:
- Latin (also bad, corrupted, uneducated Latin)
- Italian (and related dialects)
- German (High, Low, Allemanic, Saxon, and various dialects)
- Czech, Polish (other Slavic, incl. Lusatian, Slovenian, Ruthenian)
- Yiddish (quite prominent in the area by late Middle Ages)
- Greek (either Classical or late Byzantine)
- Hungarian (tough!)
- Turkish (and those of other Turkic peoples)
- Arabic
- Caucasian (Georgian, Armenian - some vague similarity of VMS script?)

I think that the following may safely be excluded (in the first iteration, at least):
- Scandinavian
- English (?)
- Gaelic
- French, Spanish, Portugeese
- Basque
- Finnish, Latvian, Lithuanian
No doubt others have different lists <g>.
Best regards,

Correct. It's almost completelly imposible to decode something if you don't know what method should be used...
Then, the VMS will be forever crypted, and only GOD knows (I hope) what's the text about...

A brute force test should scan a long portion of text and need a huge library with examples of same kind of words and expressions in the different languages "we hope" to be wrote in (and, why not, include the language we had 'excluded')... and these words must be about the themes we "suppose" the VMS talks... The algorithm should be intuitive and analyze several (up to thousands) posible combinations for what the chars could be placed.... Did somebody tried to create this kind of algorithm?? (I don't think so...) (I fear that I could try to do it..)

At first, why can we suppose we aren't analyzing a hoax?? We know... anybody could "improve" a language with their own pretty charset, distribute it and earn money from that (?). No, I don't like this idea.

Any Suggestions?

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