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Re: D! I

There was once a real demonstration of this sort of thing at Monkeys Typing Shakespeare

Sorry, d link is broken. :-(

A computer that wasn't being used too much -- the equivalent of several stadiums of monkeys pounding at typewriters for 24 hours a day, I suspect -- tried to match "to be or not to be, that is the question". When I looked, the "monkeys" had only 30% percent right after 8 months.

Same results you'll get with hundred of illiterate persons... don't you think so? I bet a person like this will spent much more time that the poor monkeys.. haha.

But -- what if the monkeys get to keep a letter if they get it right, and the number of unknown letters keeps decreasing? Better yet, what if the monkeys looked for, instead of letters, words of the necessary length, and got to keep those as before? The problem gets a lot easier. Someone else can do the math.

And how (do you think) the monkeys will know WHAT WORDS must be kept?!!? Where must they base their theorie?

This is the sort of thing that people who say "life on earth is as likely as an explosion in a junkyard creating a Boeing 747" are ignoring. I never thought my native USA state, Kansas, could be so stupid, but they passed a law requiring creationism to be taught along with evolution in the schools. (What is creationism, anyway? "God created the world"? It really doesn't say much.) I believe that Kansas is taking the law off the books.

We need some 'Creationism' in the VMS case... :-)


> Adams Douglas wrote:
> Now, write a massively parallel Net client application similar to Seti@Home or the Internet Prime Search (see <http://setiathome.ssl.berkeley.edu/> and
> <http://www.mersenne.org/prime.htm>). Each client has a subset of dictionaries and is issued different substitution-cipher copies of Voynich text by the central controlling server. The search runs 24/7 automatically on millions of machines.

Just like Napster.... but trying to decipher the undeciphrable...
Wait a minute... The "Men in Black" obtained best results that the SETI Project... :-)

Best results would be obtained if each client has a library with one specific lang. So, each client (or lil teams of clients) will be dedicated to 1 specific/supposed language to be analysed. Do you want to know what do I think about? It-NEVER-will-spit-out-any-cool-result. I'm awaiting comments...

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