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Re: D! II

Dark MaP wrote:
> If the V-words ('voynichese words') are really the syllables... don't you
> think the entire (plain) text will be considerely short, so short that be
> ridicoulous if the theme is alchemy and related sciences??? In that case...
> :-) what if the V-words be (believe it) just... characters.. Anybody w/ or
> without a sick mind could develop a charset with (let's say) 256 chars,
> where every char be represented with different combinations of other chars
> from differents alphabets (why not!)?! you've got then 2 pages of fucking
> pretty chains, but the filtered text could say (i.e.) "Dammit, you dig me.
> Big job, bye fool.". Posibilities are simply 5 ^ infinite. or not?

	That's the central problem with all claimed
decipherments of the VMs so far, not to mention the
Bible Code, and the Shakespearean Ciphers (our library
here still has some of those).  I asked once if there
were any mathematics to says whether a system has too
many degrees of freedom to have one, fairly consistent
meaning.  The "unicity distance" of information theory
is apparently the closest thing, but turns out not to
be useful. So the only means of disproving such a
system is by reduction to absurdity; for instance, if
my decipherment says that Dennis Stallings is the real
author of the VMs, and that he has a time machine to go
back and introduce it in Prague ca. 1608... you could
easily say that my algorithm was wrong.

> > > - Hungarian (tough!)
> >  Been there, don't think so.
> Aint' be there lately :-)
> And why not?

	On  6 Seep 1996, Jacques Guy did say:

> Seriously now. Levitov had to do Dutch extreme violence
> to cast it into the Procrustean bed of Voynichese. Hungarian
> would have to be savaged even more to fit. Remember how low
> the second-order character entropy of Voynichese is. And that
> it is comparable to Hawaiian. This suggests a language in which
> each consonant is regularly followed by a vowel. And in which
> there are few different vowels and few different consonants.
> Such a simple phonology is typical of glossolalia. So are
> repetitions as we see in the VMS....

> I just ask myself how an arabic alchemy coded text gets into Europe. Not
> how. Best WHY?

	Good grief!  How did you think alchemy got going again
in the West??  Note that al-chemy is an Arabic word. 
As you might recall, a lot of forgotten Greek science
made its way to the West during the Middle Ages by way
of Arabic.  

> Ok. We got nothing at last,
> One idea lay blinking in my mind...
> Brute Force Algorithm, Brute Force Algorithm, Brute Force Algorithm,....

	But wouldn't we have the same problem as the monkeys? 
How do we know what to keep and what to throw away?