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Re: VMs. Related point of view: necromancy...(?)

I recently read Dee's Library Catalogue. I don't recall seeing the Necronomican listed, though I could have missed it or it may be listed under a different name. Lovecraft of course said he made up the Necronomican, though some people believe he had access to the book on the astral plane. Are you suggesting the Voynich MS could be the legendary Necronomican?

From: "Dark MaP" <darkmap@xxxxxxxxxxx>
To: voynich@xxxxxxxx
Subject: VMs. Related point of view: necromancy...(?)
Date: Tue, 27 Feb 2001 18:04:31 -0300

Past Saturday I did my every-week-trip thru the web. I went thru several all
your sites (I liked the EKT theorie from Dennis J. Stallings -(R)1997-
interesting!). Then, I went to Beinecke to look closely for some (for
myself) missing folios (65 to 69) and I found that the navigation style
changed terrificly... in fact, I only seen bad copies with non appliable
Afterwards, to darksites.com seeking some cool (serious) jobs, I felt
curious and entered in a psycho chat where knew several idiots who believe
they are criminals... then I intrude in an interesting dialogue when some
ones were talking about secret scripts and black magic, they recommended one
F.A.Q. site around the Necronomicon, where stablish a relationship with our
dear friend John Dee!!! Imagine my emotion! Edward Kelly, assistant of Dee,
bought in Prague, in 1586, a copy of the NECRONOMICON (Transcripted in 1487
by the father Olaus Wormius, secretary of Tomas de Torquemada, Grand
Inquisitor) to the kabbalist & alchemist Jacob "Black Rabbi" Eliezer.
Afterwards, Dee transcribed the txt in english.

You can Read the entire story in the Necronomicon Anti-F.A.Q. <http://www.digital-brilliance.com/necron/necron.htm> and look for the question #4: "What is the printing history of the Necronomicon?"

I considered its reading will be interesting 4 some of you. So, enjoy.
Metaphysics, mythological UFO theories, mixed sciences, Djinns (genies) with
extra humans powers (it makes me remind the film "The Wishmaster"), and LOTS
of history... wow, all this is really cool! I reccommend you read it.

I don't know if this is just a tangent for the main theme but, what if in
the VMs are there any relationships with necromancy?.....
Booo! Getting scared?

Note: a powerful wind began to blow when I've been reading it...  Ain't

Best wishes,
& take care,
you never know,

(Keep the finger on the pulse of history)

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