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VOYNICH encryption program and a cracker

	Si vous parlez francais, visitez le site la-dessous:


Look for Crack Voynich.  You will get a self-extract
file containing a cipher program called VOYNICH (in
English).  It takes a text and a five-digit number and
enciphers the file.  In French, the instructions say to
run CRKVOY1.EXE , give it the file name, and it returns
the five-digit key.  Then you run  CRKCODE.EXE , give
it the file name and the recovered key, and it produces
the decrypted file as  DECODE.VOY .  Two encrypted
texts are given as examples.  

	I certainly hadn't heard of this VOYNICH cipher before
(and no, I haven't tried it on the real thing).