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Re: NecronomiCON

bfarnell@xxxxxxx wrote:

> I understand the Necronomicon is a
> piece of fiction, however the fiction has been translated into many,
> many languages and the critique has not.

First of all, it should be *a* Necronomicon, if you
mean a physical book rather than the mythical one. I know of
at least 3 books published under that title, including
the most entertaining "practical joke" by Colin Wilson et al.
which has a nice chapter on "deciphering" Dee's _Liber Logaeth_
which had "the" Necronomicon encripted in 49 tables of numbers
and letter. 

The "real" Necronomicon, however, was a name invented by
Lovecraft but he never wrote it, so it could not have been
translated into any language.

Best regards,