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AW: AW: Right-Left stoke matching

Hi Dark MaP,
forget Visual Basic or other such tools. AWK is the one language for all
crypties' tasks. With awk you can do your thing in about ... 50 to max 100
lines of code. I have allready done that (using only one language), but it
is no feat to exoand this with a one liner - calling the magic tool  grep.
These kind of tools are quite fast too, I had about 2 Million conversions
and tests per second using only the first paragraph ;-).
With awk and grep and some clever programming you can even build a compiler!
So, what is the difference between and reengeniering task (going from binary
op-code i.e Voynichese to readable instructions - plain text). Deciphering
VMS is like diassembling an unknown CPU instruction code.
What you like to is: look at some sequences of code, try to convert it to
some assembly code and compare this with a set of assembly languages/CPU
op-codes. With luck, you will find some matching pieces, but you will never
be sure, if your result is right and the only right one. But, if you can
produce the same result i.e. VMS using your eventually found assembler code
from your disassembly, you were right.
The actual output from my right-left analysis will be sent later (it's not
on this machine). And if you like, I am ready to assist your analsis task- I
can send my awk script tomorrow.
Everything else about this deciphering method was discussed in length last
year (under the topc brute force).
Good luck

DarkMap wrote:
>It seems to be a brief cool way. I shall like to see a txt-report

>I ve been thinking on a huge non-scriptable software that i could make in
>Visual asic running every posible combination of charset and parsing every
>alphabet. It could check th epresence of up to 200 words in any language
>into a 50 kb VMs transcripted portion in about a range of 100 kb per
>minute... it will be a very hard job, but if someone want to help, it will
>be obviously welcome. :-)

>All the best,