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Re: Folio 14 - The 'map' pages.

I thought the situation with the folding of quire 14 (or
gathering 14, or signature 14, but not 'folio' 14) was
explained in my 

	http://www.research.att.com/~reeds/voynich/checklist.txt :

     What about ff 85 & 86?  Here we have a horizontal foldout crease,
     and two vertical creases, so the whole piece of vellum is
     divided into 6 panels (or rather, each side of the vellum is
     divided into 6 panels): 3 above the horiz crease and 3 below.

     When folded out, with the 9 disk thing visible, we see this

             85/86v2         85/86r4         85/86r6
             85/86v1         85/86r3         85/86r5

     with binding gutter between v1 and r3.

     On the opposite side (which one cannot actually see complete
     on one unfolding, because the rest of the book gets in the way)
     one has

             85/86v6         85/86v4         85/86r2
             85/86v5         85/86v3         85/86r1

     with binding gutter beteen v3 and r1.

Starting from the completely unfolded 9-disk thing in front of you,
here is how you fold it up: first, along the horizontal crease.
Then along the crease separating r3 from r4. At this stage you
face what looks like an ordinary book opening, with 85r2 (or
85/85r2 as we call it) on the left of the binding gutter and 86v5
(that is, 85/86v5) on the right facing up. But there are really 2
thicknesses of vellum on the left and 4 on the right. Turn over
the 4-fold thick page on the right, and you see 86v3, the last
visible page of the quire when in its folded up position. No

I found it very helpful to take a sheet of 8 1/2 by 11 paper
and fold it up this way, writing the page numbers on it and
so on, making a little mockup of gathering 14.  (Start with 
the sheet held the long way.) (I call mine "Voynichula".)

Jim Reeds, AT&T Labs - Research
Shannon Laboratory, Room C229, Building 103
180 Park Avenue, Florham Park, NJ 07932-0971, USA

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