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Re: Folio 14 - The 'map' pages.

Hi Jim & ALL :-)

 The 3x3 ~Folding~ and the 9-disk (areas) is what "ES" was trying 
to impart as the "proper" way to fold and record the folding via 
The "columns".  Yes, I know it may sound ~crazy~ but check out 
www.diac.com/~ekwall2/voynich.shtml  ->>  folding 101

Ignore the ~Ascii~ input into each of the 9 areas. 
But there is definite Start.Fold 1-9 End Fold.

Best to you & yours

<Jim Reeds wrote:> <snip>...

  ... with binding gutter beteen v3 and r1.
 Starting from the completely unfolded 9-disk thing in front of you,
 here is how you fold it up: first, along the horizontal crease.
 Then along the crease separating r3 from r4. At this stage you
 face what looks like an ordinary book opening, with 85r2 (or
 85/85r2 as we call it) on the left of the binding gutter and 86v5
 (that is, 85/86v5) on the right facing up. But there are really 2
 thicknesses of vellum on the left and 4 on the right. Turn over
 the 4-fold thick page on the right, and you see 86v3, the last
 visible page of the quire when in its folded up position. No
 I found it very helpful to take a sheet of 8 1/2 by 11 paper
 and fold it up this way, writing the page numbers on it and
 so on, making a little mockup of gathering 14.  (Start with 
 the sheet held the long way.) (I call mine "Voynichula".)
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