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Re: VMS -- Professional Photocopy Bank Account

Long wait! Even into the next millenium. No doubt you are now one of the senior members of
the Voynich scholars. Mary D'Imperio would be proud of you for your diligence. I thank you
as well. We will wait with anticipated impatience.


Jim Gillogly wrote:

> "Dana F. Scott" wrote:
> >
> > I wonder what credit union bank Yale uses. That might be a good place to set up an
> > independent account (independent for us) as a sign of good faith interest. It's also
> > close to home. If not, a bank in New Haven sounds good to me.
> The issue isn't convincing Yale that we're serious about paying for the
> job, but rather waiting for the professional scanner company to fit us
> into their schedule.  We're all eager for it to happen, and I'm confident
> that Jim Reeds is aiming the project in the right direction.  It's tedious
> to have to wait, but I've been waiting since 1969 for it, so I think it
> won't kill me if it isn't finished this season.
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