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VMs: Re: The Eva alphabet

hi GC & all :-)


GC, i think I joined AFTER you and you came BACK on the list AFTER I
announced my ES Folding Key adventure!.. if you haven't been to
http://www.diac.com/~ekwall2/voynich/folding101.shtml it might be
worth a look as the "c's" might be just "back steppers" there?
(or ~splice em~ characters)...as:

c= back 1

c_c = back 2

 c    (your 'plumed? c?)
c_c = back 3 keys (MY 3C's)  2 connected c's with REVERSE c on top!

the different c, (stand alone c's)

ccc = is back 3 quadrandts etc.. NOT CONNECTED with top bar (ever ?)

else KEY(S) would be larger than 3x3 (fold key)

I don't think you'll ever find a C_C_C combo in the vms - but I've
been proved wrong before here (ha.haa) HIT ME with your best shots you
computer guys - I'm hard.copyflo guy here only :-(   lol

you WILL find many a double C_C with c on top, followed by c c and
maybe even a 3rd c / but/NOT connected with overbars on the 3Cs..etc. 

note: C_C c c (c)[eva T](c) is just a "hike-shift-gallows" character
from the folding key read as C_Cc A <-- (my folded "A" start).

I call a "gallows" (your picknick table?)(eva t?) and of the larger
folding shaped embellishesments in the vms.. see
http://www.diac.com/~ekwall2/voynich eva t  (the START GALLOWS of 8)

where [eva t] = "A" first in the FOLD key.. TOP CENTER of ALL KEY(s).
3x3 master board key / vms.folding101(above)

|                            'plume of c?'    C  <--facing backwards.
|to make 3C's, the scribe added it on TOP of C_C

So, Just saying "C_C_C" shouldn't be there.. if FOLDING is correct??
If you find it, I will NOT FOLLOW the group to cryptogram.org!! & just 
lower my head and ~sigh~ and call it a FUN vms adventure all the same.

(else it's a mistake? (ha.haaa)) but, can't be many, spacing is odd
here, but c's are not o's nor single stand.alone "letters", they are
MOVING your POINT(er) Finger across the Key(s)board etc..

Double C_C's point to a KEYBOARD, [one of 3x3?]
AND  c cc or ccc NON.barred/(vs c_c lined), point to quadrant on
that key.. at any given time..

just a thought on c's,

IF one has to go so FAR (3x3) as C_C_C (dead end?) or cccc (dead end)
I would think you should just add a folding GALLOWS figure c_X_c and
start on the MIRRORED side of the folded master keys.. same thing, but
different character then.

Folding = follow your spot(finger) then ccc away etc..

It FLOWS nicely then!

Best to you & yours
steve (for ALL to c :-)) ekwall
ES is ~CrAzY~ science I KNOW, but there IT IS! (1st & only time)..

I've been requested to ~Shut-!@#$% UP Steve!~ (ha.haa)  UNTIL I can
provide a working example in ~English~ (sigh) it's NOT English BTW ..
so I will shhhhhhhh now and go away ... folding english.. but I think
English as too many letters or I toss out a number "0" or 2? :-(

anyway - GOOD LUCK ALL !!!


 Date: Wed, 6 Mar 2002 14:30:39 -0600
 From: GC <glenclaston@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
 To: Voynich Ms. mailing list <voynich@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
 Subject: VMs:  RE: The Eva alphabet
 Rene, I'm glad you can appreciate the difficulties
 I face in expressing myself and my work.  I have
 added a field to the database for EVA equivalents,
 but I can do this better if you could make your
 chart available once more.
 I'm still having a problem that I need to resolve
 involving expression of characters.  The EVA "ee"
 is sometimes "ee", but other times a character I
 call "u" because it looks like a "u".  This is two
 'c's run together.  Since I have over 200 examples
 of this character in the herbal section alone, as
 well as decrypt examples that substantiate this as
 a stand-alone character, you might see my
 frustration.  (For a page containing numerous
 examples of this character, see the top paragraph
 of folio 68r).
 I still have that problem with the two different
 types of plumes over EVA 'sh', and a few others,
 such as a rare one with 'ccc' as one character.
 For many of these there don't appear to be Currier
 equivalents or EVA equivalents, and that puts me
 in a rather awkward position when trying to
 explain these characters.