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VMs: Re: Welsh sample

At 13:04 13/03/2002 -0600, you wrote:
>My favorite language candidate would be Welsh.
>Here's a sample taken from the 1696 edition of
>"GOLEUNI Gwedi torri allan YNGHYMRY, Gan ymlid
>ymmaith dywyllwh".  The s's being printed or
>written as f's make it look even more like cipher
>than it probably does in modern times.

Welsh isn't actually too bad - it looks a lot more complex than it is
because y,w are considered full vowels. I also suspect that anyone
enciphering Welsh would make the compounds ch,dd,ff,ll,ng,ph,rh,th into
single characters - they're considered to be single letters by Welsh
speakers (my partner is first-language Welsh, I have a smattering).

Jim Finnis, Broadsword Interactive    http://found.pale.org/